Local Language Fix

Posted Tuesday 5th June 2018 10:05
With the latest update from Microsoft, we've seen a number of people having issues with the keyboard layout being changed and...

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Command Centre: Online

Posted Thursday 28th September 2017 11:19
Last night we finally found some time to piece together the second command centre. We've been waiting a little while to do it...

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Mellow Yellow?

Posted Thursday 21st September 2017 11:27
This week our building management decided to spruce up the Wickford shop with a lick of paint; without us knowing. Over the...

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WRS Contracts

Posted Friday 8th September 2017 13:58
We've been hard at work on a multitude of sites over the last few months and the time has come to start showing them off. WRS...

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Happy 17th Birthday Ahead4

Posted Friday 11th August 2017 11:41
Woo, birthday time! Ahead4 is now 17 years old, first incorporated on 7th August 2000; we’ve come a long way. It’s...

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Orange Email Service Termination

Posted Wednesday 31st May 2017 12:49
As of the 31st May 2017 Orange email accounts will be terminated. This means you will no longer have access to your emails...

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Microsoft Exchange Server 2016

Posted Tuesday 30th May 2017 16:37
Exchange 2016 is here! Over the bank holiday weekend we have been rather excited to carry out the upgrade from Exchange 2010...

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NHS Attack (WannaCry)

Posted Monday 15th May 2017 10:35
As most of you have heard by now through various news sources, the NHS and other industries were the victims of a worldwide...

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Posted Friday 28th April 2017 17:06
Big News: Ahead4 Ltd are going to providing mobile SIM cards for business customers. We have just received our first batch of...

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Have a great Easter!

Posted Thursday 13th April 2017 16:06
The business will be closed to retail customers only, if you have an emergency please call 012456 426 163 and follow the...

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Hasta La Vista

Posted Wednesday 12th April 2017 15:16
As of 11/04/2017, Microsoft has ceased ongoing updates for Windows Vista Extended...

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Recent Fraudulent Attacks

Posted Tuesday 28th March 2017 14:37
There have recently been some emails going around that may appear to be predominantly from your boss, accounts department or...

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A Warm Welcome

Posted Friday 3rd March 2017 10:52
As some of you may know, Ahead4 is expanding its operations. Of course, when expanding its useful to make sure it's done in...

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Windows 10 Network Issues

Posted Friday 9th December 2016 16:42
Today our phone lines have been lighting up and one issue in particular has become common; network issues. Specifically...

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New WhatsApp Features

Posted Wednesday 16th November 2016 12:01
Recently we've been playing around with the latest update from WhatsApp, they've finally introduced a much needed feature in...

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