The HP Laptop Total Recall

Posted Friday 22nd March 2019 10:31

Last year HP put out a mass recall on their range of laptops concerning their batteries. If you were told your laptop wasn’t affected at the time, it is now essential you check again. If you had your battery replaced by HP this doesn’t necessarily affect you, but it doesn’t hurt to check. However, if you purchased via retail a second or replacement battery last year, you may be unknowingly using one of affected models that’s part of the more recent recall.

The list of affected units has been updated and now covers a much broader range. To check to see if your laptop has been affected, download the tool at the end of this post:

This application checks your laptop model and battery to see if it’s one of the affected models. In the instance the program does reveal your battery is unfortunately faulty; and you’re comfortable using the BIOS, you can apply a BIOS update which puts the system into “Battery Safety Mode”. This stops the battery from being able to be charged, however, your laptop will function as normal so long as it remains plugged in. Once you replace the battery this restriction will be lifted.

For some this might be a good route to go as some of the models listed use internal batteries requiring an engineer to replace, this means you’re unable to see if it’s started to bulge. Should you attempt to do this yourself you may void the warranty through disassembly. We recommend getting the device to us as soon as possible, especially if you can see the case has started to bulge due to the battery expanding.

Faulty batteries at some point will split and spontaneously set fire with the potential to even explode. It’s best to check sooner rather than later for peace of mind, especially if you’re leaving it to charge in your home or office overnight.

You might think that it’s just an extreme example, but we know it’s a very real and common danger; like the HP Envy making it's own firework show in this video.

If you need your battery replaced or are unsure on checking to see if your model is affected. Please get in touch with us today on 01245 426 163 or email [email protected].

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HP Laptop Battery Fire Explosion

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