Useful Apps

Over time we'll be adding to this list of apps we recommend our customers to download, these will be aimed at improving your useability with certain Ahead4 products but also in some cases required for best performance. To download the apps just select your device from the options below, click Apple for iPhones and the green Android robot for devices such as a Samsung, Sony, Huawei, OnePlus etc.



  • MyConnect

    This app integrates with your existing Gamma Mobile package really quite nicely, it brings a host of features to your mobile giving you more power when out of the office. With the app you gain advanced call handling and management such as visual voicemail, number presentation options and providing the company directory to user’s mobiles. You can download these on both Apple and Android platforms from the requisite button below.

  • MyWiFi

    This app can be a gem for businesses located in a building or general location where mobile signal isn't consistent; such as a rural area or inside a typical warehouse unit where interferance is common. Providing you have a good internet line and strong WiFi coverage around your premesis this app will help you alleviate patchy coverage. If you are connected to a WiFi network the app allows your device make and recieve calls through the internet effectively. There's no additional charges for using the app and in some cases can reduce your bill are you're using another source to make phone calls. You can download these on both Apple and Android platforms from the requisite button below.


Please click the icon which is best for your phone, iPhone users click the Apple logo, everyone else that has a Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, Huawei, LG etc. click the green Android icon.

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