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Ahead4 can of course offer the more common and cheaper POP3 emails, which work well for smaller companies, but we recommend Microsoft Exchange email for most solutions, as now you can have all the features without the need to have in-house expensive Exchange Server.

In fact like many other businesses, we offer a Reseller Hosted option, but unlike most companies we also have our own setup. Started in 2011 stored within one of the largest UK data centres, we have full control, and have already invested well over £144,000 by the end of 2015.

Additionally, we also have options to run your Hosted Exchange service with our Barracuda Spam Filter so all the work is done before the email comes through to your device be it PC, Tablet Phone or Laptop etc, without the need for any local resource heavy software.

MS Exchange quick key benefits:

1 - Full synchronisation of data between all devices.

2 - All data including Contacts and all mail folders including sent emails are backed up offsite.

3 - Instantaneous email with no send and receive schedules.

So Why Exchange when pop3 works?

With more and more users wanting to work from multiple computers or a mixture including tablets and phones, you can now have complete synchronisation between all devices, this means no more deleting the same email from different devices, if you make a folder or move emails on one device you will find the same changes across all, the ability to send emails from your phone when out the office and you will find a copy saved safe in your sent box on your office PC when you get back, all of your calendars and contacts will be kept in sync, if you were to lose all data from your phone or work computer a complete copy can be downloaded back down from our server so you can continue as normal. Finally, you can easily turn on your own out office replies and view your emails from a webpage with all the same folder content on your personal PC.

Why hosted exchange, when I could have, my own office server?

There are so many reasons why a hosted exchange services works better for the majority of our customers’ needs, the main one being not requiring regular local maintenance for your individual server. Additional benefits are no costs upfront for the hardware, no costs for things such as UPS units, the need for fixed internet address, having a good regular internet connection, no backup responsibility or tape media changes needed, and you would in most cases still only have one exchange server in your office, where we keep your exchange database not only backed up to a 3rd server, but data is always sync’d between 2 live servers, also with a fixed price per user email account you can easily manage your costs per staff and growth plans.

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