Remote Support

If it not possible to get your computer to us, we can remotely support you by connecting to your computer via the Internet to fix any problems you may have, without scheduling an engineer out to your premises. This does require an internet connection and may not be possible for all issues, however, it does give us the chance to identify specific issues that may be occurring with your computer, such as hardware.

This means although in some cases you’ll need to bring your computer in for an engineer to look at; having already narrowed down possibilities of issues via remote support, in some cases can cut down the time your machine is out of service.

However, it is an excellent option for general issues like resolving why your e-mails aren't loading or sending, or you can’t send anything to the printer. This solution is ideal, as it can save the hassle of bringing your computer in when you need to get the issue resolved quickly.

As well this, it is great for businesses where sometimes it’s not possible to move the computer as it needs to be connected to the network for it to function. Especially, as some networks related issues need the machine to remain within the working environment and makes it more likely to diagnose and fix issues.


Dedicated Full Time Remote Engineers

We have department with dedicated full-time remote engineers that can provide you and your business with true remote support, ensuring we're available to rectify IT issues that arise within and outside of your normal operating hours. This means issues can be resolved quicker and without the need to disconnect devices and bring them to us, saving you most importantly time.

All businesses are different, we recommend getting in touch so we can learn more about your IT infrastructure, and discuss options for ongoing support from Ahead4.

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