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Ahead4 Multi-Sim was built to offer businesses anywhere a proper mobile network reserved just for them. Being able to receive and make calls anywhere is one of the keys to doing business well, so by ensuring you are connected to the best mobile network at any given moment is paramount.

With Ahead4 Multi-Sim you can truly work on the move with business class data plans at home or away. Although multi-sim phones were a step towards positive change in what one can expect from a consumer device for business, being able to connect to any network is the real answer.

Wherever your offices are located in the UK, Ahead4 Multi-Sim allows you to do business in more places, reliably and without the hindrance of a single network. So whilst your competition is out of signal and having to rely on voicemail, you can keep working and making those important phone calls to keep you and your business moving forward.

Given that most small and medium-sized businesses are heavily reliant on dependable mobile telephony. Staff need to be able to work wherever their job takes them. Which means remaining contactable by customer and colleague when needed most, especially since 66% of UK businesses allow their staff to work remotely. Companies without greater mobile flexibility will be left behind by better setup competitors.

No single network can offer a full service across all regions, most claim they do, but it’s simply not the case. Some businesses are relying on multiple providers and contracts to try and alleviate this issue but at a much greater annual cost. Due to this, missed calls from a less than robust single network business contract are rife and for you, a missed calls can mean a disjointed customer experience, if you’re in a region where your provider doesn’t offer a usable network signal.

This is where Ahead4 Multi-Sim can truly step in and ensure you never experience those issues again. By automatically choosing the best network signal anywhere, you remain connected wherever the road takes you. For instance, you may have a great signal in London on the Three network but poor signal in Essex; without you needing to get involved the Sim has already worked out EE is best and switches you to ensure excellent signal quality. By being connected to all networks and choosing the best depending on where you are you can ensure you don’t miss that one important call or ensure your customer receive timely service.

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  • Network built for business only
  • Access to the biggest and most reliable data network in the UK
  • No consumer traffic clogging up the network during business hours
  • Great range of features designed specifically for business, including a business-centric voicemail service
  • 4G as standard
  • A focus on customer service
  • A fixed/mobile convergence roadmap prepares your business for the future
Ahead4 Multi-Sim


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