Elms Collection

Car Catalogue

Launch Date: October 2015

Elms Collection

The Elms Collection wanted to revamp their presence in the exotic automotive sales industry. They required something elegant in its simplicity to really draw their target audience in. We started by reviewing the main content of what the site is situated around, cars, many different design styles and colours are on offer and because of this, we decided to let the content speak more for itself by displaying it in a way to draw a visitor in.

Black, Grey and White were the colours chosen to go forward in the design. The reason behind this, is due to the way black creates a focal point for imagery, without creating a visual distraction, which given the content of the imagery with their many small details, this is not something we wanted to introduce. The site is fully responsive and maintains a familiar experience across each medium. We thank the Elms Collection for allowing us to work on this exciting project and revamp their site to bring out the best in their business.

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