Windows 10 Has Launched

Posted Wednesday 29th July 2015 12:01

If you have not already heard or noticed most of you will now have the option to upgrade to Windows 10.

Ahead4’s thoughts on this are; if you are already running Windows 8 then upgrading to 10 is not such a big deal, as Windows 8 and Windows 10 are so similar, you may find benefits in Windows 10 and maybe even prefer it, users going from Windows 8 to Windows 10 should also have the smallest amount of problems. We of course recommended as a minimum that you backup any important data to external storage and if you can take a full system backup this would be advised. Of course we can help you with this, or you can try yourself via one of the many online step by step guides.

If your computer is used for business or running windows 7, we highly recommend firstly to wait a month or two in case of any bugs or glitches that could cause downtime, also if you are running any custom programs, we would recommend to do a test run, where Windows 10 would be setup on a different SSD or Hard Drive, or at the very least take a full system image to restore back to if problems are found that could cause working impact. It would also be recommended to speak with the software company who created your custom programs to enquire as to their compatibility with Windows 10.

Please feel free to pop in to either of our stores in South Woodham Ferrers or Wickford, where you can view the new Windows 10 in action.

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