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Posted Tuesday 26th April 2022 11:37

With all the commotion over the last couple of years and more people working from home, we have been extremely busy building new sites and systems for new and existing customers. So much so, that we’ve neglected to show case some of them.

WRS Contracts are a customer who has been with us for some time and work with regularly on their CRM systems. WRS Contracts are an award-winning commercial tiling company who carry out large contract works across the UK, from stadiums and hotels to new housing developments and corporations.

We decided to focus the design mainly around the imagery, there are key areas of the site to showcase the projects and specialised works. With additional new areas to highlight their involvement in the community and clientele. We achieved a good result for the site to act as a interactive business card style site with a keen focus on presenting evidence of quality and altruism to potential clients.

We’ll have more coming in the coming weeks and months so please keep an eye out between our usual posts.

You can check out the site here: https://www.wrscontracts.co.uk/

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