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Posted Friday 28th April 2017 17:06

Big News: Ahead4 Ltd are going to providing mobile SIM cards for business customers. We have just received our first batch of 200 SIM cards, ready for our new business mobile phone products.

Having tested one of the new SIMs for the last 2 months and are extremely pleased with the performance gain. The standout feature that makes this so exciting is that for a small monthly charge, you can upgrade to a multi network SIM, making it possible to use multiple network providers on a single device. Typical SIMs are locked to a single network provider, which would lose signal / end calls when not in the network coverage are. These new SIMs powered by Gamma and available from Ahead4, give the handset the ability to switch networks to one with stronger signal, reducing the chance of being unable to communicate without the worry of losing a connection.

More info will be coming soon, however, if interested, please email or speak with member of staff @ Ahead4.

We hope you all have a great bank holiday.


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