Microsoft Exchange Server 2016

Posted Tuesday 30th May 2017 16:37

Exchange 2016 is here! Over the bank holiday weekend we have been rather excited to carry out the upgrade from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016.

Whilst we have been tinkering and playing with all the new features, some of the ones we feel are a great step forward are:

  • The ability to have proper platform specific experiences for your Apple or Android phone, so no more discrepancies between versions. You also get the premium version of outlook in your Chrome browser on Android v4.2 and up which is a nice touch.
  • Email improvements such as, a new single line view on your inbox with a better optimised reading panel, improved archiving method, Emojis and the ability to undo mailbox actions like deleting messages or moving them.
  • Contact linking is another feature we are happy to see, so you can add contacts from your LinkedIn account for instance.
  • The Calendar has an updated style with new features like email reminders for calendar specific events, the ability to propose new times in meeting invitations, vastly improved search and birthday calendars.
  • Suggested search and refiners, this provides an improved search experience so you find things faster and more accurately in your inboxes and folders.
  • New themes, 13 of them in fact!
  • Rich links. When you paste a link you get a nice rich preview / sneak peak of the link for the recipient to see. Such as imagery and contents of the destination. This also works with videos links too such as YouTube and Vimeo.
  • If you like to use multiple folders, you’ll be pleased to hear you can now set folder specific flags and pins, you can also mark others for follow up events.
  • Performance improvements across multiple areas of Outlook, everything loads faster and is a much more fluid user experience and loading speed.

No doubt you’ll see a few slight niggles here and there. We would like to point out over the next week you’ll notice Outlook becomes faster and more responsive, this is the platform optimising the speed of itself. So if it feels a little sluggish to begin with, but just continue as normal. However, on the whole it’s a welcomed upgrade and we hope our customers appreciate the new found performance.

Thank you Smiley Face

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Ahead4 Exchange Server 2016 Upgrade

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