Mellow Yellow?

Posted Thursday 21st September 2017 11:27

This week our building management decided to spruce up the Wickford shop with a lick of paint; without us knowing. Over the last couple of months we noticed the other units here being painted in their brand colours so naturally, you would have assumed red would be the colour of choice.

Oh no, far from it as you can see our shop is now reminiscent of a particular accompanying hot dog sauce or the little yellow capsule characters from a certain Universal Pictures franchise.

The second coat isn't done yet but what do you think? I'm sure it will grow on us but at the moment it's a little odd

I suppose it's a fitting time to quote Mr. Kakuz┼Ź Okakura; 'The art of life lies in a constant readjustment to our surroundings.'.

Thank you Smiley Face

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Ahead4 Wickford Painted Yellow

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