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Posted Friday 30th March 2012 18:32

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5 Smart Ways to Avoid Rising Costs

The week has seen the media covering stories about the rising cost of fuel, stamps and energy services. Whilst it seems inevitable the price of these commodities can only go up it won't be welcomed by businesses, especially all on top of each other. Below are 5 smart ways to help avoid rising costs by using technology to your advantage.

1. Email

If you're not already, you can use email to automate tasks such as send out invoices directly from your accounting software. Not only will this save money on stamps, you'll eliminate printing, labeling and a visit to the post office. (Not to mention the long wait!)

Similarly, you could try sending quotes via email too. A nicely presented email or PDF attachment can do the job without eating away at all the paper in the building.

2. Remote Support

If there's a problem with one of your computers we may be able to fix it over the internet without sending an on-site engineer. For example, software installation or email setup can be done without physical access to the computer providing you have an internet connection.

3. Use your PC as a Phone

The implementation of VOIP software such as Skype in the office gives you the option to make calls through the internet at greatly reduced (and sometimes for free) prices. Saving costs on phone calls is just the start. These systems are also capable of video conferencing making long distance journeys to meetings and getting stuck in traffic or lost on the way a thing of the past.

4. Remanufactured Ink Cartridges

If using printers within your company is a necessity you could save yourself a lot of money by purchasing remanufactured ink cartridges for them. Compatible replacements cost far less than manufacturer specific ones and won't void your printers warranty.

5. Be Energy Aware

We all know that by introducing a policy to shut down machines at the end of the working day energy costs can be reduced. You may not think it'll save you much but switching off equipment when it's not in use can increase it's working life.

When buying new hardware check out the energy rating. Energy efficient equipment will run cooler, thus not heating up the office as much so you don't have to rely on aircon or fans to lower the temperature.

Savings can be made by introducing the above ideas into your business but If you need help with taking advantage of the technology around you give Ahead4 a call. We boast an IT sales department, computer repair centre and an in-house web design & development team and are able to assist with any requirements you have. Both off-the-shelf and tailor made solutions for your businesses I.T are available - either give us a call on 01245 426163 or email

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