Attention: Apple security vulnerabilities

Posted Friday 19th August 2022 16:34

Attention: Apple security vulnerabilities

It appears from multiple sources online in the last 24 hours there is a security issue with Apple devices, we recommend to upgrade the software to the latest version as soon as possible if the device supports updates still.

Software versions affected

• iPadOS prior to 15.6.1

• iOS prior to 15.6.1

• macOS Monterey 12 prior to 12.5.1

Recommended actions

Check your OS version and update if required. To do so, navigate the menu as follows: 

• On your iPhone or iPad: Settings > General > Software Update

• On your Mac: Apple menu > About this Mac > Software Update

Note: Early signs point to this mainly being Safari Browser related and we would recommend to use alternative Browsers eg Google Chrome on older devices if available and no longer supported by Apple hardware is not recommended to be used online.

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