Anti Spam Protection

Do you have your own domain name for your email address? If so, you may want to consider Ahead4 Anti-Spam Protection. Available for £10 per mailbox, your emails will be filtered through our spam filter before they arrive at your mailbox, we have seen very positive results from customers using this and is something we use ourselves to very great effect.

Because we have full control over this we can tailor the service to your needs and you can have true peace of mind as our system learns ongoing, as it filters over 1.5 billion emails daily picking the emails intended for you vs the mail which is either spam or malicious.

Emails from bad sources are instantly rejected and regular emails are passed through with very little delay to your inbox, any suspicious mail is quarantined to be reviewed by either the recipient or administrator. Ahead4 Anti-Spam is set up to detect even the very latest viruses using multi-layer defence protocols which is updated every 15 minutes as new threats arise. Additionally, emails are checked for links to a dangerous website such as those known for identity theft which again is updated every 15 minutes when a new variant is detected, this works by learning from billions of emails worldwide and keeping the central database updated.

You’ll receive emails twice a day with a list of emails which were quarantined, this allows users to review their messages when it’s convenient and release an email you may have been expecting but looked suspicious.

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