Terms of Use

Sales and Warranty Terms of Service

When using our services, you must agree to the following terms.

All new parts come with a 1 year warranty as standard. The warranty is held within our premises, and your goods must be returned to 117 Hullbridge Road in South Woodham Ferrers, at which point we can carry out the warranty on your product if less than 1 year old (providing a receipt is presented).

The above statement is exempt to Monitors which have a 3 year on-site warranty from the Manufacturer. You must call the manufacturer direct for Monitor warranty issues. The warranty on any printer sold by Ahead4 is held directly with the manufacturer. Please feel free to contact us regarding your Monitor or Printer, as we can supply the correct contact details for your manufacturer's warranty department.

If you have not purchased goods, but have had a repair to your computer/hardware the warranty on the job remains within our premises. If the job was not carried out satisfactorily, please bring the computer/hardware back in to our shop and the work shall be warrantied free of charge. However, should you wish an engineer to visit your home in this situation, the hourly rate of labour and a callout depending on your location shall apply.

Prior to arranging an engineer to call to your premises (after collecting your computer/hardware and not being satisfied with the work done) it is advised to call us on 01245 426163 and speak to the engineer that carried out your work. It could perhaps be as simple as a wire in the incorrect socket. NB: as previously mentioned, if the computer/hardware is to be returned to our premises, this shall be F.O.C

Please be aware that Ahead4 cannot guarantee completion times.

This is due to even the simplest job, such as; install an old Graphics card. We would imagine such a job to take 20 minutes, however if the customers cd is damaged, lost, or the website containing the device driver is no longer online, it can take a great deal of time to locate the device driver and complete the job, this is just one example of why we cannot guarantee completion times.

During hardware installations, such as for example 'broadband routers' an engineer shall configure the hardware for your individual settings. Should there be a reason to return the goods, the goods shall no longer have the settings within them once they have been returned to the manufacturer and then shipped back out to the customer via ourselves. The settings would need to be re-setup by an engineer just like when it was new, this is a chargable service.

Data and Personal Information

Ahead4 Limited is often able to recover data from many data loss situations. In rare occasions where data cannot be recovered or is lost or damaged, Ahead4 Limited cannot be held responsible. Customers are required to backup their data on a regular basis. Please contact Ahead4 Limited in order to discuss possible data backup options.

Ahead4 Limited will use reasonable endeavours to keep secure all information which is provided from customers although it cannot fully guarantee such security. Ahead4 Limited is not, and will not be, responsible for any damages the customer may suffer as a result of the loss of confidentiality of any such information. Ahead4 Limited will never share personal data with a 3rd party without consent.

Supplied Website Content

When using texts or quotations from external sources it is important to get the necessary permission/authorisation or settle any required royalty fees. The same applies to the usage of photographs and images which are not your own. Ahead4 Limited will accept all content with the belief that you have acquired the necessary permission to use the content, and Ahead4 Limited will not be held responsible for any copyright infringements; all content is the responsibility of the website owner.

CCTV Operations

CCTV is in operation 24/7. Images are being recorded for the purpose of crime prevention and your safety. Recordings are kept private and are stored in a safe and secure location with limited access.

Telephone Calls

Telephone calls may be recorded for quality and training purposes. Any recordings made are kept in a secure location.


Please note that work carried out on physically damaged laptops/phones and other hardware, Ahead4 cannot be held responsible for any further damage that may occur following the dismantling and re-building, caused by previous damage to the equipment. For example, a dropped phone may have fractured plastic - on dismantling the phone, the plastic goes under further strain to add/remove the affected parts. In these cases Ahead4 will quote to replace these damaged parts or can alternatively return the part to the customer with the cosmetic damage still present.

Payments and accounts

  • Please note Ahead4 has the right to remove or decline any account applications.
  • Ahead4 do not offer personal accounts.
  • All goods and services remain the property of Ahead4 until paid in full.
  • Ahead4 no longer accepts cheque payments for till transactions in any Ahead4 premises.

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