Mobile Phone Repairs

Ahead4 offer repairs for many of the big branded smartphones including Apple, Samsung and HTC. We can offer repairs on most parts of your device from charge ports not functioning as intended to a broken digitizer.

Due to their popularity Apple phones are one of our most common repair jobs. Over the years we have found an average repair cost and listed them below, however, Please Note: Apple prices change frequently depending on the demand for parts and their availability; you may receive a different price than the one listed below when booking in a repair.

We have had many happy customers able to enjoy their smartphone for many years to come, so don't put up with that cracked screen or lacklustre battery life, call us on 01245 426 163.

Quality Parts

Quality Parts

Only the highest quality parts are used in the repair of your device. Allowing your phone to continue its service as intended by the manufacturer.


Warrantied Work

We offer a free 3 month warranty on most repairs. This give you peace of mind the repair has been carried out to the best possible standard.
(Please Note: Void if physically damaged)


Fully Insured

We are fully insured for any eventuality; any accidents on our part will be covered, so rest assured your device is in the safest of hands.


No Pre-booking

There is no need to pre-book your repair with us, simply be sure to turn up with your device, depending on the specific problem we'll allocate you a pickup time.

Model Cost of replacement
iPhone 4g / 4s £30
iPhone 5g / 5c / 5s £40
iPhone 6 £50
iPhone 6 Plus £60
iPhone 6s £60
iPhone 6s Plus £65
iPhone 7 £99
iPhone 7 Plus £130
iPad 2 / 3 / 4 £40
iPad air 1 £50
iPad air 2 £P.O.A*
iPad mini 1 / 2 £55
iPod 4th gen £35
iPod 5th gen £75

Battery Replacement

Model Battery replacement Cost
iPhone 4g / 4s £20
iPhone 5g / 5c / 5s £20
iPhone 6 £20
iPhone 6 Plus £20
iPhone 6s £20
iPhone 6s Plus £20
iPhone 7 £30
iPhone 7 Plus £30
iPad 2 / 3 / 4 £POA*
iPad air 1 £POA*
iPad air 2 £POA*
iPad mini 1 / 2 £POA*
iPod 4th gen £POA*
iPod 5th gen £POA*
*Battery costs for these devices are subject to wide spread changes frequently from our suppliers, so unfortunately we are unable to provide an accurate price. Please contact us for current pricing on this model.

Additional Repairs

Model Repair Cost
Headphone Jack / Port £POA
Charing Port £POA
Power Button £POA
Speakers £POA
Volume Buttons £POA
Home Button Usually around £20 depending on the application. Please Note: Due to the way Apple's hardware security works, you will lose the functionality of any finger print sensor built into the button. (Affects iPhone 5s upwards)
*Depending on the application and supplier costs, we are unable to give an accurate price, we encourage you to get in touch with ourselves for a quote.

Please note: each repair takes approximately 1 hour to complete. The number of repairs we have in at any given time, depends on the exact turnaround time we can provide. We can confirm the estimated timescale only at the time we are handed the device in store, as at that point we know what devices have been previously brought in etc. We always recommend you visit as near to our opening time as possible for the best chance of a same day repair. Please call to double check a mobile phone engineer is available if looking for a weekend repair.

Additionally, we keep many common makes/models parts in stock, what we do not have in stock can be ordered upon request.

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