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  • This article describes the procedure for adding an Exchange email account in Microsoft Outlook 2010.

    When adding a new email account to Outlook, the “Add a new account” wizard will start automatically. Click “Next” until you are presented with the window shown.

    If you wish to add the exchange account to Outlook which already has one or more email accounts configured, open Outlook and click on “File” in the top left, then click “Add Account.”

    You should be presented with the following window.

    Your Name: Type your name into this field.

    E-mail Address: Type your email address into this field.

    Password: Type your email account password into this field (if you don’t know your password, call us and we will let you know what it is; - or change it to whatever you prefer.)

    Retype Password: Enter the same password again in this field.

    Once the window has been filled in, it should look similar to below. We are using [email protected] as the email address in our example.

    Once the text fields have been filled out, click on the “Next” button.

    You may receive a dialogue box asking whether to use the following server to configure the email settings.

    Tick the checkbox “Don’t ask me about this website again” and click on “Allow”.

    You should see the following window once the account has been added. Click on “Finish”. Close and re-open Outlook.

    You will get a dialogue box pop up when re-opening Outlook. This will ask for the password for your email account.

    Re-type the password for your email account into the password field.

    Tick the checkbox “Remember my credentials” and click the OK button.

    Once outlook has loaded, you should see the folders of your added email account listed in the sidebar. If the email account has been used before, any previous items in the inbox or any folders will begin to synchronise with Outlook. The account has now been added.

    You can send a test email to [email protected] to ensure that everything has been set up properly. You should automatically receive a “Tested OK” reply if everything is working correctly.

  • This article explains the procedure for adding an Exchange account to an Android device. Many different android-powered devices are supplied with their own mail applications, as such the process for each device may differ slightly.

    For simplicity, we recommend downloading the Microsoft Outlook app from the Google Play Store as your email application for an Exchange account. We will be using this in our guide.

    You can download the Outlook app here: Google Play Store - Outlook App

    Alternatively, you can watch a video demonstration of adding an account here: (coming soon)

    Open the outlook app. Once it has opened, click on the “Get Started” button.

    You will be asked to type in the email address of the exchange account. In this example, we are using [email protected] – you will use your provided email address here instead. Once you have typed in your email address, click “Continue”.

    If you are prompted to enter a Microsoft Account password, click on “Not Outlook?” in the top right, and click “Change Account Providers”.

    Enable “Advanced Settings” in the bottom right of the screen.

    Email Address: Type in your email address in the email address box.

    Server: mail.ahead4.net

    Domain\Username: Type in your email address here.

    Password: Type in your email account password here. If you are unsure of your password or wish to change it, contact us.

    Description: Describe what account this is. You can call it “Work” or a company name.

    Click on the tick in the top-right once you have filled out the correct information.

    Once it has finished, you should see your emails begin to synchronise into your inbox. Your email account is now all set up.

    You can send a test email to [email protected]. If you receive a “Tested OK” reply, then the account is set up and ready to use.

    • This article explains the procedure for adding an Exchange account to an iPad/iPhone. We will be using the default Mail app supplied with Apple’s iPhone or iPad.

      Numba one

      From the Home screen, open the Settings app on your device.

      Tap on “Mail” in the list of settings, then tap on “Accounts” and then "Add Account".

      You can now select the type of account to add. The account type you want to select is “Exchange”.

      You will be asked to enter an Email and a Description. For our example, we will be using the email address [email protected].

      Enter your email address into the “Email” field, and type a name for your email account in the description box. This could be for example “Work Email”,”Home Office Email” or whatever name you wish to give the account.

      Click on “Next” in the top right once these fields have been filled out.

      A password field will appear, and in this field, you will need to enter the password for your email account. If you are unsure of your account password, please call us and we will let you know what it is.

      Once the password has been entered, click “Next” in the top right.

      You may be warned that your device cannot verify the server identity. Click on “Continue”.

      “Server”, “Domain” and “Username” fields will now appear. Fill out the fields with the following details:

      Server: mail.ahead4.net

      Domain: (This can be left blank)

      Username: This will be your email address, in our example we have used [email protected].

      Click on Next in the top right once these have been filled out.

      You can now select what information you would like to sync with the account. We recommend leaving the default settings selected, as we have done here in our example. Click “Save” in the top right, once you have specified what you would like to synchronise.

Once this has completed, You will be taken back to a list of added mail accounts on your device. Find the newly-added account in the list, and tap on it.

We recommend changing the “Mail Days to Sync” option located near the bottom of the account settings.

By default, this option is set to “1 Week” meaning it will only synchronise emails from one week ago.

Tap on this option to change it, we recommend setting it to “No Limit”

Your account is now ready for use. Close the “Settings” app and open the “Mail” app. You should see your email account listed and it will begin to synchronise data from our server with your device. The email account is now setup and ready for use.

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