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Ahead4 Contract Handsets

  • Mobile data network or send MMS messages. To do this please follow these steps:

    1. Open your default SMS messaging app on your device
    2. create a new message to the following number 773000
    3. Put in the contents of the message; with quotation marks, 'data'
    4. Once you send your message, you will the data settings will automatically be sent to your phone. (Allow up to 5 minutes)
    5. Once you receive them, head over to the phones settings menu
    6. In here you'll usually have something like Network Settings, Mobile Data Settings, Cellular Data or something to that effect click into the option that’s correct for you
    7. Once in you’ll know when you're in the right area as the boxes will have field names like APN, Username, MMSC, MMS Proxy etc. matching up to the message with the data settings
    8. Simply copy the settings you've been sent into the respective fields and your data network will start to connect.

  • Call waiting notifies you (with a soft dual bleep), if someone is trying to call you whilst you are already in a call.

    You can set up and use call waiting with the following commands:

    • Activate - enter *43# followed by SEND
    • Cancel - enter #43# then SEND.

    On most phones you will be able to activate this feature via the onscreen instructions, and in some cases merge the current and incoming calls together. However, if you device has no onscreen options, please try the below:

    • To accept the incoming call and end the original call - press 1 then SEND
    • To place the original call on hold and accept the incoming call - press 2 then SEND
    • to swap between calls - press 2 then SEND
    • to end present call and return to holding call - press 1 then SEND

    Note Send = Green or the button used to start a normal call call

  •     If you have an iPhone handset, please use these links to the Apply Store.

        If you have an Android handset, like a Samsung, Sony, Huawei, LG, OnePlus, Google, HTC etc. then use the Google Play Store.

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